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The “Mercury” Dime

In 1916, Adolph Weinman’s designs of the “Winged” Liberty dime and Walking Liberty half won the design competition in their category for America’s new coinage. The other category in the competition was for the quarter, which went to Herman MacNeil…

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The Fugio Cent

Congress passed a resolution on April 21, 1787 authorizing a contract to produce a large quantity of copper cents. Another resolution on July 6, specified the devices to contain a sundial with the word Fugio (which means time passes quickly),…

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Demise of the Dollar Coin

There have been many attempts to produce a coin to replace the dollar bill. From 1971-1978, the production of Eisenhower dollar coins, those clunky Frisbees reminiscent of the American classic silver dollars produced 1794-1935. The one major difference which made…

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