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COIN PURSE | Nashville Coin Dealer | Since 1968 (615) 269-6700 Contact Us

We are Nashville’s oldest and largest silver buyer and seller. We buy and sell silver bullion in many forms. Our inventory includes bars, coins, rounds, American Eagles, Philharmonics, Canadian maple leafs, Englehard, J & M bars and pre 1964 Federal silver coins.

Are you a silver stacker? So are we! Whether you are buying or selling silver, we deal an any amount and will buy or sell silver by the ounce or thousands of ounces dependent on your needs.

Why purchase or sell silver to us? Our inventory is constantly changing and demand is high and our spreads are narrow so you can buy and sell with confidence. As Nashville’s oldest and largest silver dealer, we can help you make logical and informed decisions in an ever changing market. Due to the volume of silver we sell, our margins are small. This allows you to purchase or move out of the market as conditions change. Come by to discuss your needs with one of our silver specialists.

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