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Buying Scrap

Due to demand we are now buying scrap gold and silver jewelry and select sterling flatware.  With gold approaching $1,700, per oz and silver in the $30. range, it only makes sense.  Please call for our rates as they may…

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A Gold Bubble?

The gold market has advanced to historical levels in a relatively short time.  Like the equities market in 2000 and the real estate market in 2006, gold may be the next bubble to burst.   While gold has many industrial…

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Sharing Knowledge

We will soon be offering seminars on subjects such as grading coins and currency, counterfeit detection and altered coins, overviews of the hobby and other relevant subjects which come up daily here at The Coin Purse. Private and group seminars…

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Market At A Glance

The past five years has made for many interesting conversations. With the rise in precious and base metal prices, unprecedented government spending, unemployment at near depression levels and a housing market that is weaker than any time in our lifetime,…

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