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If you’re looking to buy coins, silver, or old currency in Nashville, Coin Purse is your ultimate destination. Established in 1968, our independent store has been serving collectors and investors for over five decades. At Coin Purse, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices, expert appraisals, and a vast selection of numismatic treasures. Whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting, we have something for everyone.

Why Choose Coin Purse?

Extensive Inventory

Coin Purse boasts a comprehensive selection of coins, silver, and old currency. Our inventory includes:

  • Coins: From ancient to modern, U.S. to foreign, we offer a wide range of coins to suit every collector’s needs.
  • Silver: As a leading silver dealer in Nashville, we provide an array of silver products, including bullion, bars, and collectible coins.
  • Old Currency: Explore our collection of historic paper money, featuring rare and valuable notes from different eras and countries.

Best Prices for Silver

At Coin Purse, we strive to offer the best prices for silver in Nashville. Our transparent pricing ensures that you get fair market value whether you’re buying or selling.

Expert Coin Appraisals in Nashville

Understanding the value of your collection is crucial. Coin Purse provides professional coin appraisals in Nashville, offering accurate evaluations based on current market trends, condition, and rarity.

What We Offer

Buying Coins in Nashville

Looking to expand your collection? Coin Purse offers a diverse selection of coins, including rare and hard-to-find pieces. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the perfect addition to your collection.

Silver Dealer in Nashville

As a reputable silver dealer in Nashville, we offer a variety of silver products for investment or collection. From bullion to collectible coins, our silver selection caters to all types of buyers.

Old Currency

Discover the history and artistry of old currency at Coin Purse. Our collection includes rare and valuable notes that are sure to intrigue any collector.

Why Invest in Coins and Silver?

Stability and Security

Coins and silver have long been considered stable investments. They provide a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties.


Including coins and silver in your investment portfolio helps diversify and reduce overall risk.

Historical and Aesthetic Value

Coins and old currency are not just investments; they are pieces of history and art. Collecting them can be a rewarding and enriching hobby.

Visit Coin Purse Today!

For the best coin, silver, and old currency shopping experience in Nashville, visit Coin Purse. Our extensive inventory, expert staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the top choice for collectors and investors alike.

For more information, contact us at (615) 269-6700 or visit our website at We look forward to serving you!

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